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When you call or visit Strathcona Healthcare, you’ll receive professional, friendly, helpful service. We help you choose the right product, whether you’re looking for a knee brace, walker, bathroom safety equipment and/or other healthcare supports. 


If your medical practitioner has suggested a medical aid for you, your next step is to talk to our staff. They know what’s available and can help you select what you need. We know our manufacturers well and regularly attend product information workshops. With the latest information at hand, we can recommend the best products for your circumstances.


Aids to Daily Living
  • Photolight therapy lamps for Seasonal Affective Disorder
    (LiteBook and TRAVelite)

  • Mobility products (canes, transfer devices, crutches, etc.)

  • Walker (4 wheel and folding)

  • Bathroom safety products (bath chairs, raised toilet seats, safety bars, etc.)

  • Monitoring devices for measuring heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol, and for diabetics

  • Podiatry products, such as arch supports and toe separators

  • Specialized surgical dressings for wet and dry wounds


The Alberta Aids to Daily Living (AADL) program helps Albertans maintain their independence by providing financial assistance to buy medical equipment and supplies.

Sports Medicine
Aids to Daily Living
Sports Medicine Supplies
Ostomy and Incontinence Supplies
  • Custom made burn garments

  • Compression stockings (medical grade 20-30 mmHg) from manufacturers like Sigvaris, Medi, Jobst , Venosan and Juzo

  • Diabetes stockings

  • Lymphadema pumps

  • Hospital quality skin creams for burns, external ulcers and other skin conditions

Strathcona Healthcare has the products to support your recovery.

  • Sports braces (custom-fit knee, wrist, ankle braces, etc.)

  • Wrist supports for carpal tunnel syndrome or tendinitis

  • Exercise products (exercise balls, hand strengtheners, etc.)

  • Back belts and supports

  • Rehabilitation products

  • TENS machines

Compression Therapy and Skin Care
Compression Therapy

Talk to one of our qualified staff, sports medicine consultant, or certified fitter.

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