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Qualified Staff

Need advice? Talk to one of our qualified staff.

Our team is a dynamic group of top-quality healthcare professionals dedicated to your satisfaction — including certified fitters, sports medicine consultants, customer service representatives, medicare and insurance experts, patient service technicians and others – who are dedicated to more than simply providing home medical products.  Together, we are all committed to you, your family and your physician in achieving a common goal — helping you lead a more comfortable and productive life, every day. We take pride in our customer service and are committed to helping you find solutions to your needs.


Strathcona Healthcare is committed to providing industry-leading services to our patients and customers by consistently delivering on our mission to “Get it Right the First Time.” Our core fundamentals are designed to help us uphold the highest standards.


  • We are a team with years of experience and operate as a team every day in every location

  • We are an organization devoted to service excellence

  • Our patients and referral sources are our ultimate priority





The satisfaction of our customers is paramount. All business is carried out with integrity, accountability and speed. Through teamwork, we provide high-quality products and service.




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