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What sets Strathcona Healthcare apart? We don’t just sell products.


Strathcona Healthcare is recognized as a leader in home care, wellness and preventative medicine. We believe the personal service we’ve provided our customers for over 35 years is every bit as important as the quality products we offer.


Our well-trained staff will provide you with individual consultation and instruction to promote your wellness, rehabilitation and independent living.

We Take Excellent Care of Our Customers

We go to great lengths to provide you with exactly the products you need, at the best value. Before you leave our store, we make sure you feel confident and comfortable with your purchases.


Strathcona Healthcare also assists physicians and other health care practitioners, such as occupational and physical therapists, or home care service providers who prescribe or recommend healthcare products to their clients. Home care service providers often seek us for our professional advice.

Shipping & Delivery
Shipping and Delivery

We pride ourselves on making the entire shipping process as simple as possible for our customers.


Insurance Claims and Covering the Costs

We can bill most products to your insurance and ship to you.

We handle the paperwork and billing with no upfront costs!

To help lower your out-of-pocket cost, Strathcona Healthcare can submit claims and receipts on your behalf and is an authorized service provider and vendor for:


Talk to one of our qualified staff, sports medicine consultant, or certified fitter.

Need More Information about our products and services?  

Info about our rental equipment.

We offer a wide variety of medical Equipment for Rent.

Get more info.

Need advice? Talk to one of our Qualified Staff.

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